To be described as a facial alone would not give this relaxing treatment the attention it deserves. 

The Sacred Stone Facial Treatment is a decadent treatment that provides luxurious attention to the face while relaxing & balancing the entire body, mind and spirit.  Bringing together some of the best tools that nature has to offer, the combination of pampering and healing provides clients with and increased feeling of wellness and vitality.

As clients rest on a soft massage table warm stones and healing crystals are placed strategically on the body’s chakras to open and balance while warm stones and aromatic oils massage the neck, shoulders, and feet drawing held areas of tension and stress away from the body.   As the client sinks deeply into their body the facial rejuvenation of; massage, alternating warm and chilled stones, hydrating oils, and honey mask, create firmer, more radiant skin.  During this wonderful session specific marma points on the face are activated to cleanse held energy, simulate healing, remove tension, brighten the eyes, relieve sinus conditions and reduce puffiness.

60 Minutes $135