Nurture your body, mind and spirit with this deeply relaxing session designed for individuals who are looking to take their traditional massage to the next level by incorporating hands-on energetic healing into their massage session!

The session will begin with a soothing mineral foot soak in which your feet are submerged in warm water with Dead Sea salts, from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel and individually chosen Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.

Following the mineral foot soak you will enjoy a full 75 or 90 minute, customized therapeutic massage & Healing session, which blends additional therapeutic grade essential oils with certified organic and certified vegan massage creams, oils or lotions.  By approaching the massage from this open and grounded approach, recognizing that, “we are all more than what we do”, you are provided with the opportunity to transform physical and emotional ailments while becoming more conscious of how your body processes and holds stress. 

(For those individuals interested in an even deeper level of spiritual and energetic transformation consider a Two Hour, Combination Cellular Expansion & Healing/ Massage Session)

90 Minutes $145
(Includes: 15 minute foot soak and 75 minute therapeutic massage & healing session)
105 Minutes $165
(Includes: 15 minute foot soak and 90 minute therapeutic massage & healing session)


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