Ayurvedic Hot Stone Spa Ritual Massage

Imagine yourself on a summer’s day lying on a large flat rock warmed by the sun. As the heat relaxes your muscles you allow all of your worries to melt away. Slowly, you feel yourself embraced by the richness and depth of Mother Earth.

Ayurvedic Hot Stone Spa Ritual Massage combines all of the elements to heal body, mind and spirit.  It brings together the richness and the gift of nurturing human touch with the local energy of hand picked heated stones, healing crystals, essential oils, sound healing & chakra therapy. While the warm stones melt away stress and draw away worry and anxiety from the body,  our trained massage therapist will use their hands and the stones to massage tension in the body, increasing circulation and promoting a deep sense of well-being.  

During the Spa Ritual you will be anointed with warm oil and receive a full body hot stone massage.  In addition, the spa ritual includes nurturing and detoxifying castor oil packs on your belly and feet, and a hot and cold stone facial treatment using antioxidant rich neem oil to relax and tonify. 

The Ayurvedic properties of this method are intended to bring you "out of your head and into your body".

At the Pittsburgh Center for Complementary Health and Healing this Ayurvedic Hot Stone Spa Ritual Massage is specifically designed to balance your Vata dosha. In other words, it addresses the neurological strain our bodies undergo from living a fast-paced, multi-tasking way of life. 

We highly recommend trying a Hot Stone Spa Ritual if you have chronic muscular tension, poor circulation, mental or emotional stress, or if you want to ward off the deep chill of winter.  The Hot Stone Spa Ritual is also useful for those looking for a spiritual connection to the earth for a place of transformation.

Our clients often state that it is like no other hot stone massage in Pittsburgh.

 Warning: you may leave in a profound state of deep relaxation

90 Minutes $180

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