Fertility Massage is great for any woman who is preparing her body for pregnancy whether she is experiencing difficulty conceiving or is just looking to support the functioning of her body prior to pregnancy.  In addition the Fertility Massage has vast benefits for balancing a variety of other women's health and digestive concerns.

Fertility Massage is a unique blend of specific massage, reflexology, deep abdominal work, warm castor oil packs, essential oils and energy medicine for women who are looking to naturally increase their fertility while being supported physically, emotionally and spiritually to prepare for pregnancy as well as improve their overall state of health.

Nikki Remic was Pittsburgh’s first Certified Fertility Massage Specialist and has since gone on to train the staff of PCCHH and other therapists around the area to work with woman, men and/or couples who are looking for a natural way to boost fertility.  Fertility massage can be used on it’s own or as a complement to other fertility treatments. 

*Full Fertility Massage is indicated in the first half of a woman’s cycle however modifications can be made later in the cycle.

*Prices vary with Nikki Remic-Bannon

Initial Session 120 Minutes $220
Follow Up Session $175


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"I have felt very out of touch with my body since starting fertility treatments, and this massage was so healing. I enjoyed everything about the whole experience and will definitely be back. Everyone was so nice, room was very relaxing, and the massage was amazing! I felt supported throughout the whole experience." J.K.S.


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