Our Advanced Customized Massage Services are ideal for clients who are looking to elevate their Customized Massage with more inclusions and customization! These sessions give both clients and therapists the creative ability to acknowledge their needs in a more mindful and present way. In our Advanced Customized Massage clients can deepen their relaxation with extra enhancements of: hot/cold stones, additional hot towels and warm/cold compresses based on the client intake and indication. The extra details of this session are sure to help clients to relax and dissolve day-to-day tension by giving their therapist the ability to masterfully curate a massage experience that is a unique session designed specifically for your peace and well-being.


Indicated for those looking to: relax at a deeper level, reduce pain, use heat to melt tension, use cold for inflammation, add that extra something to your massage

60 Minutes $125
75 Minutes $145
90 Minutes $170
120 Minutes $215

Disclaimer: You may never want to go back to massage without these enhancements again because you feel so good!